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Hello Friends,

The big question asked to me no. of times.

Which is the best CMS running on .Net Platform

While replying on Experts-Exchange website, Recently I came across same question : “Which is the Best CMS running on .Net”

Detail question:

I am looking for some tips on a good cms that i can use for a customer that needs to easy update the site, we can implement a responsive css we got and we need to be able to add custom code for showing products from database and so on.

There were few answers. I replied with a Quick comparison between few CMS I have worked with.

My Answer:

This question has unlimited answers.
We have been working in CMS domain since many years.
We have worked on following in .Net domain

  • Sitecore
  • Umbraco
  • Kentico
  • Orchard

All 4 are very good.

  • If you want a simple site with easy updates go with Umbraco.
  • If you want a site where everything is readily available and you don’t want to work much anything then go for Kentico.
  • Looking for Pure MVC based CMS then Orchard.
  • If you need to add a lot custom code to display, Flexible, easy for editing for client, Multi Lingual Support then go for Sitecore.

All above mentioned CMS are available in MVC.
Our Experience says, Money spent on Sitecore is worth. Especially when you want to add lots of custom code to read and display.

You can add Responsive Design in any of the mentioned CMS.

The Author was looking for such quick comparison, So he liked the answer and I was rewarded 2000 Points. 500 Points for the Question * 4 (Grade A ) = 2000 Points.

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Some more thoughts on these CMSs.

  • Umbraco: A Simple, easy to use, Open Source CMS. Learn using Paid Video subscription. I created 5-6 pages in few hours of starting with Umbraco.
  • Kentico: Free and Paid Versions are available. Most of the Web parts are readily available OOB. Lots of settings. Sometime its confusing.
  • Orchard: MVC Based. According to news it is supported by Microsoft Employees. Growing fast with more and more people joining the Community. This CMS looks promising. (Still it will take some time to reach to a Mature CMS Level)
  • Sitecore: An Enterprise level CMS. One of the leading CMS. Extensible. Great Community Support. Great Product Support. Lots of Flexibility. Very famous for Multi Lingual Support. Also Supports Multi Device, Multi Instance, Multi Site solutions. costliest out of these 4. but still much cheaper than Tridion & SharePoint.

Planning to have a have a detailed review for all 4 CMS.