Sitecore has been arranging a User meet every month in UK and other Cities. I have just heard of such meeting.

During my visit to London in April 2013, I came to know about a meet. I got the link from a Colleague – Tony Kiernan. He was Very excited to attend the event same as me. He attended the similar earlier but it was first visit for me.

Venue was Pizza Express at Holborn.

Details of the Event.

Sitecore User Group

We Reached at the Venue on time.  There were few known face whom I have met in Dreamcore 2011 in London. We sat down on a table got some pizza and a bottle of beer for my Colleague.

We were waiting for the show to begin.

And the show started.

First Session was : Justin Rowe from Fusionworkshop explained “A Content first approach to building Sitecore websites”.

Very informative. Came to know advantage of this approach. How to keep the content? How the content should be?

Second Session was : Sitecore 7 by Tim Ward from Sitecore.

Yes, That’s the one we have been waiting for. The session started with Dynamic Tim ward and his team.

Though there were a lots things to be shown in Sitecore 7, they have kept most of the items for their next session. 🙂

In current session one important part was covered “How to handle millions of items under one node.”. Sitecore has been telling since beginning that You should not have more than 100 items under one node. Recommended this for performance. Thought there is no limit as we had 1000s of item under one node and it was not slow. Some time finding a particular item for editing from 1000s of items was a time consuming task, Searching, Displaying etc were no issue.

But using concept of “Item Bucket” this case is handled.

Third Session:

It was for ECM 2 – Email Campaign Manager V2.

It was really informative. ECM2 is a totally revamped product.

Few more Technical Details extracted from the Sessions:

  • .Net 4.5 compiled DLLs
  • Supports Parallel Processing
  • New Version of Lucene
  • Verbose logging Search
  • IFilter Support – We can use any Custom Search provider
  • Indexing Manager
  • Indexing Developer Tools
  • Item buckets
  • Content Tagging
  • Content Faceting
  • New Search :
  • Datasource : can be a query now
  • LINQ to Lucene
  • LINQ to SOLR

Few Developer Tools

  • Filldb.aspx – Can be used to add millions of data at one go. useful for testing on local / Staging
  • LinqScratchPad
  • Verbose Logging


  • Search based Data Source

There were many more good moments. Got a chance to meet many Sitecore MVPs. Discussed with Sitecore Developers.

It was Really a great event. I am lucky to be part of the such a great event.

Waiting for the Slides to be available.

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