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  2. Disable upload media as file
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Disable Upload Media as Files

We have come across a situation when Content Manager uploads the Image(s) and checks the box – Uplaod as file

The media is now uploaded as file and is not available in Database. In this situation, When we publish the Item, some time the file is not getting published on the Production environment. And it creates big issue when there are load balanced servers / multiple servers in Production.

To avoid this, Sitecore provides 2 settings

  1. Media.UploadAsFiles – Default false
  2. Media.DisableFileMedia – Default false

We tried both the options.

UploadAsFiles does not work as expected so we choose to use the DisableFileMedia. When we set that to True, checkbox for Upload as File was hidden/removed from the file upload advanced dialog box.

Enables or disables storage of media as files rather than database records.
If true, user interfaces do not present options to store media as files.
All files will be stored in the database, disregarding the value of the Media.UploadAsFiles setting.

Default value: false
<setting name=”Media.DisableFileMedia” value=”true”/>


What we believe, removing the checkbox will solve the issue of “Media being uploaded as file *accidentally*”


Uploading a whole folder with Images

  • Zip the Folder.
  • Go to the Upload files (advanced)
  •  Browse and select the Zipped folder
  • Click on the “Unpack ZIP archives”

Need a faster way?? (Fastest way to upload multiple images in Sitecore)

Just Put the folder in the “Upload” folder.

All the images in the folder will be automatically uploaded in Media Library.