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This article provides quick way to install Mongo DB using PowerShell script.


Most important thing you need when you start working on Sitecore is a Database. 🙂

Earlier you needed only SQL but now you need Mongo DB as well for all the Analytics data (To store user interaction on the website).

While working on the local development machine you need to install the Mongo DB.

What are the steps involved to get the Mongo up and Running?

  1. Download Mongo DB
  2. Install Mongo DB
  3. Create Data folder to store all the data of the Mongo DB
  4. Create the configuration file which tells that what is the DB Path and what is the Log path
  5. Create a Service to keep the Mongo running.
  6. Start the Service.

Once all the above steps are complete then Mongo is up and running.

This is a bit time consuming task. So I created a PowerShell script to do these tasks and without any manual interaction. This script will do all the steps from 2 to 6.

You just need to run the powershell script and it will take care of everything.

You can download the folder from below link


  1. Once you download, unzip the file.
  2. Open the PowerShell as administrator
  3. Run the Powershell script – Install-MongoDB.ps1

What it does? Script installs the Mongo

Disclaimer: This is my first try at PowerShell. I am learning PowerShell scripting so the script might look like a Hard Code script. But for me and my team this is serving the purpose. Please do not use this script for Production deployment as this is not tested on any server environment.