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We have used a very good feature of Microsoft word for setting a start number for the ordered list.

Our site editor wanted a similar feature in our Rich Text Editor in Sitecore.

Numbered list in the Rich Text Editor.

<ol >
<li>Third Line</li>
<li>Fourth Line</li>


This will be displayed as below.

  1. Third Line
  2. Fourth Line

What should I do if I want to start the no from 3?

We googled for some OOB solution in Sitecore, didn’t find any. Then tried for Rich Text Editor again not much info. And then came across one article http://www.plausiblenonsense.com/2015/12/starting-numbered-list-at-different.html.

The Solution is very simple. In Rich Text Editor, move to HTML tab and add start=”number“. Where number is the starting no. See the Example below.

<ol start="3">
<li>Third Line</li>
<li>Fourth Line</li>


  1. Third Line
  2. Fourth Line

This looks much more simpler than we thought.